Equinox falls on March 20, 2011.   Signaling the beginning of spring (or fall), spring equinox marks the day when the sun ends its stint in the south and begins its march north for summer and longer days in the northern hemisphere.  In the southern hemisphere, fall and winter are approaching.  Equniox is the halfway point between winter solstice and summer solstice; the shortest and longest days of the year.  In Baca County, Colorado, tucked away in the very southeastern corner of the state, equinox also means witnessing solar equinox alignments in Picture Canyon.  However, this year Crack Cave is temporarily closed due to the white nose bat syndrome.  You really want to see a solar alignment, and you were planning on Crack Cave?  Well, this fall give us a call and you may get the opportunity!  There are other solar equinox alignments left by long ago travelers to the area.  Come experience the Canyons and Plains of southeast Colorado!