About Us

Casey and Laneha

Canyon Journeys was established in April of 2007. The mission of the company is: to educate local and non-local people through interpretation and excursions into and of local legends, historical and pre-historical sites, wildlife, plant-life, geology, and astronomy. And to ultimately foster the desire to preserve, support and love the area and its western culture.

Canyon Journeys offers customized and established tours of some of the heritage sites in Baca County. Please see the tours page to learn more about the tour options.

Canyon Journeys is based out of the small town of Pritchett, CO. While the company does not have a store front yet, this is where most tours begin unless requested otherwise. Supporting the local economy is very important to Canyon Journeys, and the history of the town is also exciting.

Currently, Canyon Journeys gives tours on publicly-accessed land; however, we will be expanding to sites unaccessible in other ways. The culture, history and heritage of Baca County and the surrounding areas are so valuable
and unique that the company is working to expand into a broad range of services.

We are a working cattle ranch in Southeast Colorado and raise some of the finest beef around. Everett Beef is available for purchase at the ranch, or we can have it shipped to you!

Learn more about Everett Beef.